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try including liquids in other form like tender coconut water or fresh fruit juice (If you dont have any contraindications)

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you can take your baby in flight by 2 nd or 3rd month - if necessary. Take all the precautions. And talk to pediatrician before you plan your trip. 
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Hello Dipika

don’t worry , during the second and third trimester the muscles and ligaments around the uterus stretch, which can cause mild cramping and you may feel hard sometimes. If the pain is intense then consult with your obg... (More)

Dear Ma'am,

Thank you for your question,

Yes you can safely consume skinless chicken 2-3 times per week, this is a good source of protein to add to your diet.

For personalized guidance on what to eat while breast-feeding, kindly... (More)


Meet the fertility expert and discuss about the plan after analyzing all reports and ultrasound done by the expert. Meet again on day 2 or 3 of period to start ivf injections. Serial ultrasound will be done and decision... (More)

Hi, I have talked to doctors and other pregnant friend, and I realised Yoga can be another great exercise during pregnancy. This is gentle on the body and provides some time for a short meditation. 

So i am a prenatal instructor and a mom to be. If everything is fine in your pregnancy so far, you are over 12 weeks pregnant, you may start with walks and simple exercises that help you keep the pains... (More)


yes It is, usually vomiting and nausea develops during first trimester, in some people that will reduce gradually but in some it carries on throughout the pregnancy. Keep your self hydrated 

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Hello jenet 

passing stools so frequently like while sneezing etc is very common in newborns . That is normal gastro  colic reflex. 
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you can try some home remedies like haldi and pepper milk , try taking tulsi and ginger extract with honey. If cough still persists then cons a physician so that you can be examined and advised further. 


there are various causes for leg pain like nerve impingment or lack of hydration or hampered circulation. It is better to meet a physiotherapist to get clear picture. 


Hello Arpita

don’t worry , your baby must be fine. Look for any signs of head trauma like loss of consciousness, vomiting or irritability. as you have mentioned that amount of vomitus was less you need not worry. if you... (More)