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Mittu liked 6 hours ago

Looking for a daily dose of nutrition and taste for your baby?

Here's a special for you!
Ragi Mix is the best recipe for your fast-growing little one. It is simply a wonder grain. It strengthens your baby's tooth, bones, and improves overall growth!
Try it! Recipe by our Nutrition expert @Abhilasha... (More)

Haripriya replied 3 hours ago

Prenatal Nutrition

A healthy balanced diet is essential during pregnancy because it is important for the health of the mother and is also the main source of nourishment for the baby.

To understand what's important for a pregnancy diet, join Ms. Surbhi... (More)

Surbhi liked 7 hours ago

Webinar on "Perfect Nutrition Guide for expecting mothers, Dec 4th, 5 pm.

Your food habits during pregnancy have an impact on your kid. Your baby's growth and development are dependent on adequate nutrition. Making smart food choices and eating a well-balanced diet throughout pregnancy will help your baby develop healthy habits that... (More)

Chaitra liked 9 days ago

Hello chaitra,

Try to focus on consuming a well balanced diet for better protein intake, incase of protein powder kindly follow the below link

For detail discussion on your diet regime kindly book an appointment with the help of... (More)