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Stem Cell Banking
Stem Cell Banking
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Stem cells have a unique ability to develop into specialized cell in the body. Cord blood and umbilical cord stem cells may be used to replace cells and tissues in the future that have been damaged or lost. 

Hence, Stem Cell preservation is always a safe and useful investment for your child's future. Join our group to know all about Stem Cell Banking, and invest in your child's future health.

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An informative webinar on stem cell banking : Newborn's future health shield

Preservation of cord blood is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, therefore it's important to understand the potential benefits of stem cell banking for the newborn.

Learn about ways to invest in your child's future health, in this informative webinar on July 9th... (More)

Join our upcoming webinar with Cryoviva India to learn about stem cells and what future it holds on 8th September at 5PM

Stem cells hold a lot of promise for future medical treatments. So it's imperative for parents to understand the importance of storing cord blood cells, to invest in their baby’s future health.

Join our upcoming webinar with Cryoviva India to... (More)

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Join our upcoming session on Stem Cell Banking on 28th August at 12 PM

Stem cell banking can safeguard and protect your baby's future health.

Stem cell banking or cord blood preservation, follows the extraction, processing and storage of stem cells during childbirth.

Cord blood can be used in treating many future ailments.

These... (More)

Join us for our upcoming webinar on Stem Cell on May 22nd, from 5 PM

Your baby’s umbilical cord is loaded with stem cells that can treat many life-threatening diseases. Parents can preserve their baby's umbilical cord which could save the baby from many future ailments.

Join us for this exclusive webinar hosted by Neha... (More)