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Webinar on Stem cell banking, 6th May, 5 pm!

Stem cells have the potential to save people's lives. Several ailments such as cancer, immune system disorders, blood diseases, and other illnesses can be treated using stem cells. These cells can be obtained from a variety of sources, a newborn's... (More)

Webinar on "Stem Cell Banking", 26th March, 5 pm!

Immediately after delivery, stem cells can be extracted from the umbilical cord. They can be used to treat cancer, immune system disorders, blood diseases, etc. Hence, stem cell banking has the potential to ensure a healthy future for both your... (More)

Webinar on "Stem Cell banking", 11th March, 5 pm!

Everyone is born differently; some people are born totally healthy and stay that way for the rest of their lives, while others are born with neuromuscular problems and may acquire degenerative conditions later in life. Stem cell therapy (SCT) is... (More)