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Baby Care
Baby Care

Taking care of the newborn can be a little stressful at times. Let the Cloudnine community help you out in this. Join us for everything related to baby care! Be it essential care of newborn, baby care products, baby moisturizer cream baby care kits, we have got you! 


You can take your baby to beach shore . Take few precautions. Like breast feeding regularly. Deciding time of visit when sun is not harsh. Wearing proper clothing to prevent heat exhaustion, burns. You can use Hats which looks... (More)

Hi Harshitha,

Apologies for the late reply. Actually it’s very difficult to comment from the picture. But from picture it looks like a small boil. But for coming to the exact diagnosis we need to examine the baby and need... (More)

Hi Ankita, its better if you can buy 400 IU dose. As you won’t get confused about the dosage . If you are not able to get it give the half dose. Take care.