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Baby Care
Baby Care

Taking care of the newborn can be a little stressful at times. Let the Cloudnine community help you out in this. Join us for everything related to baby care! Be it essential care of newborn, baby care products, baby moisturizer cream baby care kits, we have got you! 


Definitely, You can start bathing your baby by now.


Baby’s sleep pattern changes day by day till it gets settled.

Few tips to set baby sooner are :

  • Follow a calming bedtime routine. - keeping the bedroom quiet and the lights low.
  • Avoid playing with your baby right... (More)

Hello Bhavana ,

Cow's milk contains complex proteins that might be difficult for babies below 1year to digest.

Avoid giving cows milk to baby till 1 year of age. You can continue giving formula milk. try solids like smashed banana... (More)