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Baby Clothing

Hi Gurleen

New born babies need first layer of cottonish clothes (whatever may be the time of year they are born)which includes preferably front open buttoned shirt or baby Romper with full sleeves , cotton cap,mittens,socks.Linen cloth for wrapping or... (More)

Communication no longer a challenge for your child!

This Children's Day, Cloudnine brings to you an exclusive opportunity to ensure your kids are able to achieve their developmental milestones with ease!
Our expert and qualified speech therapists will help your child tackle their speech related challenges and guide... (More)

what size clothes should one buy for new born? 0-3 months is fine ? Or should also keep some 3-6months too?

Baby Health and Skincare Tips

After bringing your newborn home, it’s natural to want to exercise extreme caution and care to keep them in the pink of health. If you’re a neew parents here are few tips by our Dermatology Dr. Syed Nazim Hussain which... (More)