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We are LIVE for our exclusive session on "Thyroid and Infertility" with Dr. Laxmi Goel!

Join the exclusive session on January 20th from 3 pm onwards about the relation between a healthy thyroid and fertility. Hypothyroidism, which is characterized by an underactive thyroid gland, could indeed occasionally affect a couple's ability to conceive.

Low thyroid... (More)

Hi Shivraj,

Yes endometriosis may affect the fertility. This query will be answered in our live session on ask me anything on fertility! please join the live session. 

We are LIVE for our exclusive session on "Ask me Anything on Fertility" with Dr. Sophia Devi!

Join the exclusive Community LIVE session "Ask me anything on Fertility" with Dr. Sophia Devi, Fertility Specialist, Cloudnine Hospitals, Electronic City, Bengaluru

Ask any questions you may have about fertility in the comments below, and we will address them during... (More)


Before it was possible to transfer embryos within India. Now after the new Art law from Jan 2022 ,we cannot transport embryos even within city. There are lot of discussion going on for amendment. Currently we are not even... (More)