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Labour and Delivery
Labour and Delivery

There is so much to know about the labouring process like labour room tips, stages of normal labour, painless labour, what are the things a woman in labour should do etc. Know it all. Join the topic! 

Pain management during labour.

It's common perception that labour is a hard and exhausting procedure. There are a lot of myths about this as well.

Dr. Jnanashree wishes to debunk all myths and educate everything needed to make childbirth a pleasant experience for all... (More)

We are LIVE! Today's session on "Physiotherapy: A guide to labour and delivery"🤰 with Shalini K Nair on 24th May at 4:30 PM!

Pregnancy causes a lot of physical changes to your body. A physiotherapist can assist you in managing other common issues as well as understanding and navigating those changes. Working with a physiotherapist can help you feel better, gain strength, get... (More)

3 Things to know about Mucous Plug!

Understand more about Mucous Plug. What it is, why is it important and much more in detail with experts.

Being aware of all that will happen will help you handle the situations in a better way. Learn all about your... (More)