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Pregnancy Myths
Pregnancy Myths

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these are faint lines you can take the test again or consult a specialist. 


yes you can travel before 35-36 weeks. Take all the necessary precautions and do talk to your doctor if necessary they may suggest you any medication as per the need. 
take care

Know the Myths vs Facts.

Women, for ages, have indulged in various myths that have been passed down generations to predict the gender of the child. Some of these were scientific and true, others not so much.

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FB LIVE: Vomiting in Pregnancy, on 27th June at 5PM by Dr. Gunjan Bhola!

Worried about nausea and vomiting? There is really no need to get anxious about it as this is the most common problem faced in pregnancy. Every individual pregnancy differs and so does the conditions.

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