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Lactation is the perfect way of bonding between the mom and her baby, and we on Cloudnine are overjoyed to encourage you make as you make it your best moments!

To all our Cloudnine moms, we are happy to introduce you to India's best team of lactation consultants. Here you'll be guided regarding the benefits of breastfeeding for moms and babies, information on golden hour's milk, correct latching positions. Formula milk feeding, induced lactation, breastfeeding milk pumping and any other lactation related queries would be lovingly answered by our nationally celebrated lactation experts.

Baby Poop

Hello Sakshi,

Baby's motion pattern may change over the time. Do not worry as long as baby  is on exclusively breastfeeding. 


More you feed the child more you increase your milk supply. Yes, methi is well known food substance which helps in milk production but emptying the breast frequently will help you more