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Dear Dads and Dads-to-be, if you're in need of fathering advices for you, your newborns and toddlers, you're in the right place! We bring you a dad's perspective of pregnancy. 

C'mon Fathers, join us on this "Dad's baby" expedition!

Cloudnine Mamas wishes Happy Father's Day to all the awesome Dads!

Dear Dads,
We love you for your parental instincts.
We at Cloudnine see you and we appreciate you.
Happy Father's Day to you!

#DadsCanBeMomsToo #HappyFathersDay #OnCloudnine #FathersDay2022

Hello Sumit 

now your kid is in the learning process, it is common to mispronounce words. This will be corrected as they grow old. 

Enjoy the fun moments like these with your precious ones.

Living your childhood again and learning from the little ones is an experience of a lifetime. 

#DadsCanBeMomsToo #OnCloudnine #WeKnowMoms #HappyFathersDay #FathersDay2022