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Moms of December 2021
Moms of December 2021
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Hello moms! Welcome to the December 2021 Birth Club. We believe it is essential for a community to have a place where you can share experiences and posts in the company of moms expecting babies in the same month. 

Please go ahead and get started with posts of your pregnancy experience and connect with some wonderful moms in the community. We hope this experience continues even after your bundle of joy is delivered with baby photos and discussions.

Baby Care

Dear Tanya.
Thank you for reaching us. Please call us at 9972499724/9972899728 or call your centre for your pregnancy related queries. You can also please connect with your CRE(Customer Relationship Executive) to know more about this.
Best Regards,
Team Cloudnine

Hi  Mohini 

Usually at 27 wks you will not be able to appreciate too many movements but still it's better to visit your obstetrician once 


As soon as baby is born it is clothed in a set of clothes provided by the hospital. That includes a cap, mittens, socks, a onesie and a swaddle cloth. There is a shop in cloudnine where you can buy... (More)