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It's important to exercise right, breathe correct, get enough rest in order to stay healthy not only throughout your pregnancy journey but also during your prenatal and postnatal period of pregnancy. 

Join our Fitness Group to get connected with our acclaimed Physiotherapists and know all about Fitness, Physiotherapy, Baby Nursing and Lamaze. Learn all about prenatal care and postnatal care.

A gift of fitness with Physiotherapy -Hamstring Stretch

Learn the hamstring stretch exercise by our Cloudnine expert, Surya Lakshmi, Physiotherapist, Cloudnine Hospital, MWM.

This exercise helps in relieving the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, which is mainly stiffness and painful swelling of joints, including those in the hands and... (More)

We are LIVE for our EXCLUSIVE Session on "Stress Management- Antenatal & Postnatal" with Dr. Divya (PT)

Join the exclusive Community live session on "Stress Management" with Dr @Divya , Cloudnine Hospital, Panchkula. Please note the LIVE will start at 4.15 TODAY!

Our Physiotherapist will be displaying exercises for both Antenatal & Postnatal easy stress management. Learn... (More)

A gift of fitness with Physiotherapy - Side Bending Excercise

Checkout the sitting side bending exercise by our Cloudnine expert Karishma , Physiotherapist, Cloudnine Hospital, KNR Pune.

This exercise helps by stretching the side muscles of ribs and upper back. It also helps increasing spaces between ribs and lifts the... (More)

A gift of fitness with Physiotherapy -Wrist Stretching Exercise

This stretching exercise helps soothe numbness, pain, and even weakness in the hand and wrist.

Check out the Wrist Stretching exercise by our Cloudnine expert
Sayeeda Zain Afshan , Physiotherapist, Cloudnine Hospital ,HRBR.

This exercise stretches the forearm muscles and... (More)