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Moms of November 2021
Moms of November 2021
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Hello moms! Welcome to the November 2021 Birth Club. We believe it is essential for a community to have a place where you can share experiences and posts in the company of moms expecting babies in the same month. 

Please go ahead and get started with posts of your pregnancy experience and connect with some wonderful moms in the community. We hope this experience continues even after your bundle of joy is delivered with baby photos and discussions.


Sometimes blood oozes from the injection site so the vaccination area is pressed with a cotton ball for few seconds and the patch is put.

If you want to discuss more, you may have a video consultation by booking... (More)

Pls apply oil ( any baby oil) on that bandage site and then gently try n pull it. oil will make the area moist n the tape will come off easily. But pls next time don’t leave the bandage for... (More)


Wet the bandage with alcohol swab and slowly try to remove it. If alcohol swab is not available, you can try removing it after applying some water to it. If it's too uncomfortable to remove, please visit pediatrician.


Was your last period date 28 the August? (instead of 28 the September)

 If you have missed your period please check for pregnancy with urine pregnancy kit test. 

If it's negative consult Gynaecologist.