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We understand that you Moms never stop worrying about your baby's nutrition! so we bring to your our Nutrition Team who've has pledged to make you healthy first with healthy diets, because it's you who hold your family together.

We invite all Moms and Moms-to-be, to join this group and help us assist you, starting from your pregnancy dietary intake to your essential post-natal nutrients, calories and balanced diet along with introducing solids to your baby and their daily essential vitamins and minerals!

Read this article by Shivani Bavalekar, Sr. Executive Nutritionist, Cloudnine where she talks about the reality of weight loss by eating fat-free and sugar-free food

The time of festivities is here when we perform fasting and opt for sugar-free and fat-free foods to promote weight loss. However, we often tend to forget that every such product has its pros and cons, and the main way... (More)

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Read this article by Ms. Shalini Chakraborty Sr. Executive - Nutritionist, Cloudnine, where she talks about the wonders of fermented rice and its benefits

Fermented foods share an integral part of age-old wisdom from ancient Indian civilization. One of the common fermentation processes is that of rice. The fermentation process increases the nutritional value of rice, making it much more nutritional as compared to... (More)

Baby Care


If the baby needs physical examination of the baby and need some additional history, so please contact your near by Pediatrician.

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