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We understand that you Moms never stop worrying about your baby's nutrition! so we bring to your our Nutrition Team who've has pledged to make you healthy first with healthy diets, because it's you who hold your family together.

We invite all Moms and Moms-to-be, to join this group and help us assist you, starting from your pregnancy dietary intake to your essential post-natal nutrients, calories and balanced diet along with introducing solids to your baby and their daily essential vitamins and minerals!

Proffee: Is this protein-packed drink good for weight loss?

Heard of #Proffee!!

Proffee, a combination of coffee and protein supplement, is a new trending drink. Do you want to know if you should try proffee for weight loss or not?

Priscilla Marian, Executive Nutritionist, Cloudnine Hospitals, #Kalyaninagar #Pune, explains... (More)

Webinar on "The Nutrition Guide For New Mom's" with Sneha Sanjay D on January 6th, 5PM!


Proper nutrition during the postnatal phase is vital to both mother and baby. With the added demands on the mother’s body and those necessary for the development and well-being of her baby, eating healthy during and after pregnancy... (More)