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Happiness of a parent lies in their kids. We understand this very well and therefore have come up with a dedicated group. Join our Paediatrics group and experts' help in raising your little life. 

We are LIVE for the exclusive session on "Ask me anything about Children's Health", with Dr. Ashok Mittal!

Join the exclusive Community LIVE session "Ask me anything about Children's Health" with Dr. Ashok Mittal, Director & HOD, Paediatrics, Cloudnine Hospital, Sector-47, Gurugram

Children's health care is very important and here is an informative session where you can get... (More)

Webinar on "Baby Care" with Dr. Bindu P, on 11th January at 5 PM!

The third trimester of pregnancy is a crucial time for the baby's development. Baby care during this period is crucial for the proper growth and development of the baby. Proper nutrition and regular prenatal care are important to ensure that... (More)

We are LIVE for our exclusive session on "Ask me Anything about Fever in Infants and Children" with Dr. Bindu P!

With fluctuating temperatures fever has become most common for our little ones this season.

Here is a special session with Dr. Bindu P, Paediatrician & Neonatologist at Cloudnine Hospitals on 25th Jan at 5pm. Do join this very essential session... (More)

Did you know?

Most babies are born without, partially developed, or small underactive thyroid glands. While the reason behind this is still unknown, in a few cases it's genetic. This is why thyroid testing is done in all infants as a part of... (More)