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Sometimes new mothers experience conditions which can adversely affect their mental health. If you are a new mom too and you are facing anxiety issues, it is necessary to connect with a specialist or a support group now.

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Chaitra liked 3 days ago
Baby Care

The condition is unrelated to vaccination for sure.Symptoms need to appear within 2-3days of the same if it had to be related .

Upper respiratory tract infections resolve spontaneously within 3-5 days usually.


  Cough in a 5 week old infant is something that's not to be neglected. Kindly consult the pediatrician ASAP. I am available to guide you on :


Baby is passing Hard motion means you need to increase water intake of the baby by giving plain water after each feed and give fruit juices, you can withhold banana, apple for one week till she passes normal motion... (More)

Hi mahak..

It's normal.. some time you might get bleeding after a while should be concern.. unless otherwise it's not heavy bleeding