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Moms of September 2021
Moms of September 2021
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Hello moms! Welcome to the September 2021 Birth Club. We believe it is essential for a community to have a place where you can share experiences and posts in the company of moms expecting babies in the same month. 

Please go ahead and get started with posts of your pregnancy experience and connect with some wonderful moms in the community. We hope this experience continues even after your bundle of joy is delivered with baby photos and discussions.

Baby Care


it is advised to take the vaccine when the government is doing a vaccination drive, even if the baby is fully vaccinated for polio previously according to the immunisation schedule. 

Hi Supraja,

A baby with cold will definitely have decrease appetite. Please use medicines prescribed by your child's pediatrician. Also at this age baby has milestones for mouthing. Such movements disappear with age. Don't worry.

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it’s more advisable to give breast milk Exclusively till the baby is 6 months old, later on you can gradually start giving semi solids and solids. If you feel that baby is not full with the bf you can... (More)

Baby Care

Dear Lalita

Probably your baby is having partial occlusion in Right Nasolacrimal duct. It should get better once cold cough improve. But you should monitor and any swelling , inflammation should be discussed and not ignored. Feel free to consult.... (More)