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Fabulous BABY SHOWER with Benguluru parents-to-be!

 We had lots of beautifully dressed mamas and handsome papas joining us. Not to forget the adorable little ones. This baby shower was unlike any one we had before!

We had fun games, insights from coaches, tips from doctors, exciting prizes and a whole lot of memories!

And we had lovely Neha Goenka celebrating with us by cutting a beautiful cake will the mamas and dadas-to-be!


Congratulations to our LUCKY DRAW winner Soubhagya Raikar, who won a FREE room upgrade* at Cloudnine Hospitals.

We even had surprise gifts for all the couples who joined us today!

Big shout to Shilpa, Sheetal and Aanya legendary winners of our baby shower!!

Cloudnine mamas is grateful to each and everyone of you who has made the event such a great success!

If you couldn't make it to the event, don't worry! 

You can still CATCH UP  on the baby shower here.

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We are excited to announce the Lucky draw winner of the Bengaluru Baby Shower, 28st May- Soubhagya Raikar!

Congratulations Soubhagya 👏🏻👍🎊😊 and you have received FREE* Suite Room Upgrade We will reach you for your prize soon!

*T&C apply

#WeKnowMoms #BabyShower #Pregnancy

Winner of the "Baby songs" game of the Bengaluru Baby Shower, May 28th - Aanya Jagdish!

Congratulations  Aanya👏🏻👍🎊😊 Your gift will be mailed soon :)

#WeKnowMoms #BabyShower #Pregnancy



Winner of the Scramle game of the Bengaluru Baby Shower, May 28th- Sheetal Chugh!

Congratulations  Sheetal Chugh👏🏻👍🎊😊 Your gift will be mailed soon :)

#WeKnowMoms #BabyShower #Pregnancy

Winner of Celebrity kids game of the Bengaluru Baby Shower, May 28th- Shilpa K!

Congratulations  Shilpa K👏🏻👍🎊😊 Your gift will be mailed soon :)

#WeKnowMoms #BabyShower #Pregnancy

Stomach Ache and Gastric problem.

Hi Doctors, 

I am 5 weeks pregnant and i am experiencing stomach ache and gastric problems. Please suggest what can i take to remedy this issue.  Thank You

Baby poop

Hello Doctor,My girl baby is 6 n half months old. I’m giving her Ragi seri in the morning and either veg/fruit purée in the evening. Rest of the feeding is DBF.Her motion is little hard from recent past and she cries every time when she passes motion but otherwise she’s active as usual. I’m also giving bonnisan to her.Is this normal having little hard motion?

Momy group

Hi, is there any specific group of 4-5 months baby's mom's. Pls add me too

fb LIVE - Diabetes and Thyroid during pregnancy, 26th May, 3 pm!

Hormones produced during pregnancy might affect your thyroid glands and blood sugar levels. Maternal and fetal risks associated with thyroid disorders and diabetes can be controlled through proper medical care and lifestyle routines.

Join us in an exclusive session with Dr. Chitra S Murthy & Dr. Prabha Ramakrishna, Senior Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Cloudnine Hospital, Electronic City, Bengaluru, on 26th May at 3 PM to know more about Diabetes and Thyroid disorders in pregnancy.

If you have any questions ahead of time, please leave them in the comments section below.

Video Consult Cloudnine’s specialist via the ‘It's Our Baby' App. Download the app: & book an appointment now!

#WeKnowMoms #Thyroid #Diabetes

Webinar on "Labour and Childbirth Guide", 26th May, 5 pm!

If you're expecting a baby, one of the big questions you will have in mind will be regarding labour pain management. Mothers can manage labour pain by learning about childbirth and preparing themselves with medications and exercises.

Join us on our upcoming webinar on 26th May at 5 PM with Dr. Anuradha S, Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Cloudnine Hospital to learn about labour management.

Click here to register.

To ask questions in advance, add them in the comments section below.

Video Consult our Specialists via the ‘It's Our Baby' App. Download the app: & book an appointment now!

#WeKnowMoms #Pregnancy #Labour