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Hello Moms, sharing my experience with my #CloudnineMamas in these trying times.


My son started with mild fever and he became cranky. Here’s what I followed, 

  1. Booked Video Consultation with his Pediatrician Dr Arvind Shenoi on IOB App and followed all that he asked me to do.
  2. Kept monitoring him and watched for warning signals as Ped asked.
  3. Didn’t panic because kids usually pick from us and start sulking.
  4. Kept him hydrated with warm fluids, lots of soups, porridge and soft food ( do not force feed). He ate less for the 1st 2 days that’s when I just kept giving fluids.
  5. Played with him, allowed some extra screen time and FaceTime with his pet and his grannies.
  6. Since we are in nuclear setup, I decided to stay close and Dad took over all household responsibilities.
  7. He slept more than usual, just keep a check because the little one is fighting hard. Hydrate, woke him up to take a few sips of warm water or fluids so that he doesn’t get dehydrated.
  8. He couldn’t take steam but he did gurgling well and still does it 2-3 times a day.

His fever came down after 4 days and we have been only doing Video Consult and following advice to T. My son is doing better now. If your Pediatrician asks for a RTPCR trust me it’s for the good. In either positive or negative case  the course of medication will be prescribed accordingly. And will also put you at ease or on guard. 

My biggest advice- Keep stress at bay! Whatever be the situation kids will sail through but you have to lead with example. 

If this post helps even 1 mom I’ll be happy. And if you have any questions for me leave it in the comment section I will answer it. 

Warm virtual hugs to every mom who is acing the uncertainty with grace and patience. 

Republic Day special baby dress-up contest!

Celebrating Republic Day on Cloudnine Mamas Community!

To enter the contest:

  • Dress up your little ones in the Tricolour of our National Flag
  • Post a picture of your little star on Cloudnine Mamas Community Group "CONTESTS" and tag the topic "Republic Day Baby dress-up contest" with a unique and fun caption till January 31st.
  • Add #RepublicDayContest to the post

The picture with the highest number of likes will win an amazing prize

Eagerly waiting for your participation. Submit now!

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Cloudnine is now vaccinating juveniles aged 15+ years

Get your teens jabbed and gift them protection during these tough times.

Book your slot on the CoWin App & get vaccinated at your nearest Cloudnine Hospital.

#MyShotOfHope #OnCloudnine

We wish you all a very Happy Lohri, Makar Sankranti & Pongal!

On this auspicious day, we at Cloudnine wish that all your wishes and dreams come true and the joy soars as high as the sun.

#Lohri #MakarSankranti #Pongal

We wish you all a very Happy Lohri, Makar Sankranti & Pongal!

On this auspicious day, we at Cloudnine wish that all your wishes and dreams come true and the joy soars as high as the sun.

#WeKnowMoms #Lohri #MakarSankranti #Pongal

Effective Communication between the father and the baby

Unborn babies connect with their fathers in similars ways as the they do with their mothers. Join us for this amazing session to learn how that's done.

Today's session is in collaboration with Shishupuram, conducted by Abhishek Pasari, the founder of Shishupuram.

Shishupuram is an early childhood organisation that focuses on the holistic development of expecting parents and the baby from the time the baby is conceived.

Exclusive Community LIVE on "Safe Delivery during current times", Wednesday, 19th Jan, 3 pm!

Join us for an enlightening live Wednesday live session where Dr. Pratibha Singhal (OBG), Dr. Sandeep Chadha (OBG) and Dr. Anil Pandey (Anesthetist) will be there sharing their knowledge on ‘Safe delivery during current times’!

Mark the Date: 19th January 2022
Time: 3PM

Specialist: Dr. Pratibha Singhal (OBG), Dr. Sandeep Chadha (OBG), and Dr. Anil Pandey (Anesthetist), Cloudnine Hospital, Noida, Sector 51.

#WeKnowMoms #Pregnancy

Working the hardest job - being a mother

A mother’s love is divine!

Webinar on "Effective Communication with the baby in the Womb", Thursday, 13th Jan, 5pm!

Did you know that your baby can begin to hear and distinguish between voices during the final months of pregnancy?

Knowing their mother's voice while still in the womb aids the baby's recognition and bonding with her after birth. The newborn can feel comforted upon hearing its mother's voice.

Join us for this enlightening session with @Dr. Abhishek Pasari - Clinical Psychology Pregnancy, Parenting & Life Coach CEO, @Team ShishuPuram , on 13th January at 5 PM to learn about the importance of effective communication with your unborn baby.

ShishuPuram is a premium pregnancy & parenting coaching company. It is committed to empowering aspiring, expectant, and new parents. Their training programs provide the place and space for personal growth, self-reflection, learning, and bonding within the family.

Click here to register. The webinar would be held exclusively in our community. 

To ask your questions in advance, add them in the comments section below. Video Consult our Specialists via ‘It's Our Baby' App. Download the app: & book an appointment now!

#WeKnowMoms #BondWithTheBaby