“I am strong, I am proud. I am a Mom.”

Each of Durga's nine forms represents a powerful feeling.
Our next story is about Ashwini's journey, she says "With great willpower, any obstacle can be handled." Let's hear how she found the courage to battle her fears.

"The first lockdown has begun, and I learn that we are expecting our second child, but the situation outside was gloomy. There was confusion everywhere we went. I was also unsure of what to do because it was a huge challenge for me to manage, but I've opted to be strong and positive despite having a lot of health concerns. morning sickness, vomiting, and other issues. We were perplexed as to how to manage everything with my older kid, who was just 5 years old and had no other help. However, with great willpower, any obstacle can be handled. After many ups and downs, I finally delivered my little princess. I can still clearly recall the moment when the doctor told me I got my "Hridha" in the OT." 

Know more about Ashwini Hiremath story filled with determination in this video https://bit.ly/3nS9UpB

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