My wife delivered at Cloud 9 earlier this year and I was specifically told by the doctors that If its C-section delivery no family members is allowed inside the OT, however sadden by this news i chose to respect hospital authority. Recently saw Youtube video of Debina and Gurpreet Choudhary (Debina Decodes) 2nd Baby Delivery Vlog where not only the husband but also a Videographer was allowed inside the OT where they have shot the entire Vlog. Dr Pankaj Lodha and team is been seen discussing and explaining the entire procedure on camera. This was a very complex delivery and a early C-section still hospital authority allowed people inside the OT.  I am upset with this entire discrimination done by Cloud 9 Hospitals where a Celebrity is treated differently and a normal public has to adhere to rules & regulation. I was a part of my wife entire pregnancy hence was also excited to be a part of delivery process, was heartbroken when I was not allowed inside the OT when doctor chose to do a last minute C-section.