I am Ayesha and this is my journey from giving up the hopes to becoming a mom on Cloudnine.

Like every other woman, becoming a mother was my lifetime dream too. But not all our dreams are fulfilled easily. For some we need to be patient, keep up the hope and struggle. But when all of these don't work, we should ask for help. That’s what I did. Thankfully, the stars guided me in the right direction from Afghanistan to Cloudnine, to Dr. Shalu Gupta. I won’t say the journey was easy. Infact it had a lot of hardships, self doubt and dark phases, but I had a wise, humble and dutiful guide always by my side. And as they say, "every dark cloud has a silver lining", by the combined efforts of Cloudnine, Dr. Shalu Gupta & my family, my IVF treatment became a success and I’m now able to hold the little miracle in my arms.

#WorldIVFDay2021 #CloudnineFertility