Do you know that 85% of the brain is formed during the age bracket of 0-3. Do you know what it means? It means that it is this age bracket during which your kid’s mind is developing the most!

This makes these years very crucial years that should be utilized to facilitate that maximum brain development in order to unlock your kid’s maximum potential and do your best as a parent or a caregiver to raise a prodigy super kid.

This concept of teaching kids, that are under the age of 3 years, to make the most of their ‘brain development years in early childhood is called Early Childhood Learning.

Now the whole idea of early learning and brain development at an early age is not just limited to academics. The purpose of early learning is to unlock your 0-3-year-old baby’s inborn genius and unique abilities in other areas as well!

I bet the second you would have read that last sentence. It must have hit you


“How can you do that?”

Well, when I talk about unlocking your baby’s inborn genius and unique abilities, I mean that you as a parent or a caregiver should engage your kid in certain activities that will build life skills and inculcate curiosity in your ward.

Check out the Skills that are acquired through Prodigy Super Kid's Early Learning-through-play activities that do not require Any Screen-time (tv, phone, tablet, etc.) for babies, yet help early brain development in early childhood (from 0-3 years of age).


Okay, but my kid is just a baby less than 1. How can she learn all such skills at her age?

Allow me to enlighten you. 

If you ‘think’ that your kid is just a baby and relatively young to be indulging in such activities then you’re thinking wrong.

Because, first of all. Babies are geniuses!

Considering the curiosity and enthusiasm that their mind is running with, they are going to be just fine with many such activities for infants that will support brain development in early childhood which is your kid’s golden learning time.

These Activities support your child’s natural curiosity and encourage their budding independence, from Day One. 

So you can start anytime between 0-3 yrs!


Okay, but how does it work?

Learning at this age is facilitated through play and other different experiences that promote much-required sensory stimulation in kids.

So obviously kids would ultimately want to be more intrigued, interested, and engaged in the process. So much so that they encounter new experiences that build their executive function skills through engagement in these meaningful social interactions and enjoyable activities that draw on self-regulatory skills at increasingly demanding levels.

To go into the details, these activities stimulate the five senses of touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing, encompass your child’s creativity & imagination, develop cognitive abilities, physical, social, emotional & motor skills, teaches self-expression, and much more...


Some other benefits of childhood learning.

The young minds of kids of age 0-3 years are like sponges that are ready to soak up every information that they are going to discover and learn while experiencing the play activities of  Early Learning. And by the age of 3 the mind that when comes out of its cocoon will be : 

  • Social
  • Curious
  • Cooperative
  • Respectful
  • Physically and Emotionally well rounded
  • Team player
  • Patient
  • Focused

In our days, there was no such thing as early learning or brain development? And today I know the price of it now that I know how effective it actually is.

Kids of this day and age are actually the kids of the future.

They can’t wait! Their minds need to be made ready from early on so that they can take on every challenge that comes their way on their own and with ease.

When your kid is about 6-8 years old they should be able to discover what their “thing” is on their own.

And Prodigy Super Kids' Early Learning program activities enable your kid to do just that.

If you are a parent who is engrossed in their work and has practically zero time to make your kid indulge in the playful activities of Early Learning then you can leave that to Prodigy Super Kids.

Prodigy Super Kids offers a whole lot of age-appropriate activities, materials and parent video-guides for your Child's 'Early Brain and All-round Skills' Development', which can be accessed by - visiting the website or/and contacting us.

The program is:

  • Internationally Benchmarked Prodigy Framework.
  • Done-For-Parents : well researched, so no more guesswork.
  • Playful & Missional.
  • One that stimulates sensory stimulation and brain development.
  • Easy, fun, meaningful, and engaging - for kids and parents alike.

Coming to the conclusion, Early Childhood Learning plays an integral role in really making the most out of the prime time of your kid’s brain development years.

Recent studies have also revealed that Early Learning can have a positive influence on the mental, emotional and physical development of a child.

So to really increase your child’s ability to grasp quality education (not just academic), ensure that you opt for early childhood education.

Besides, It always gives one an edge if they start off things “Early”.


By Arjun Seth,

Parenting Coach, Early Childhood Learning Researcher, and Founder -