Hi, I’m Monika Srivastava and I am an IT Professional working in Bangalore and have been married for three years now. This was my first pregnancy experience and I must admit that it was quite smooth. I was fortunate enough to get ample amount of support from my family members.  


I can’t express how grateful I am to Cloudnine Hospital and Dr. Praveena Shenoi for giving me such a remarkable pregnancy and delivery experience. She and the hospital staff always maintained a positive environment throughout my journey and constantly boosted my morale and confidence. It helped me a lot to overcome the added stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and ultimately have a normal delivery.


The hospital took the utmost precautions for the safety and security of me and my baby. There were extra facilities provided proactively by the hospital like ambulance, video consultations, which were very helpful during the pandemic. Even during the lockdown when I was admitted, the staff ensured adequate facilities and a hassle-free stay. Since the time my baby was born, he has been under the consultation of Dr. Arvind Shenoi and Dr. Nilesh Rao. They too are extremely helpful and supportive. I thank Cloudnine from the bottom of my heart for everything!


To the new moms-to-be, always think positive, be confident, and always listen to your doctor. Have a great maternity journey!


- Monika Srivastava


Thank you so much for choosing Cloudnin! We wish you and your little one a very happy and healthy life ahead and a very happy Navratri from Team Cloudnine.