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Asked a question 10 months ago

15 weeks IVF pregnancy with PGS embryo. History of still birth at 22 weeks and miscarraige at 8 weeks. APLA and karyotyping was done and both were negative. Now i am put on Clexane injections daily till delivery. Does clexane injections cause premature delivery or any other pregnancy related complications? I am also having loose stools after starting Clexane. Is this a concern? Request you to please clarify.

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Clexane is a low molecular weight heparin used as a blood thinner. It is often prescribed for women with unexplained pregnancy losses. It does not cause premature delivery, loose stools or other pregnancy related complications. Redness, irritation, bruising at the injection site, rarely, bleeding, low platelet count, bone loss is seen. Loose stools could be due to some other cause and it needs further evaluation. Stay in touch with your obstetrician to guide you.