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Asked a question 3 months ago

Hello All, My 7 month old little boy has cold since 2 days. he had fever which is gone now. doctor had advised Calpol and t minic for cold along with nasal congestion. my worry is that he is ebf and not feeding from me directly since yesterday night He drinks the expressed milk but not in good amount. His overall appetite is very low and sleeps a lot. Is this ok? what can I do to help my little one feed directly? also any home remedies or foods to help the cold relsove sooner?

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Priyadarshini it's quiet usual that babies feeding reduces during illness. I would suggest that you should ensure that your baby's nose is clear  which will help the baby to take breast feed better.

Just be patient and monitor weather baby is passing urine 6-8 times at least in 24 hours. As your baby's health will improve, simultaneously feeding will also get better.