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Asked a question 6 months ago

Hello Doc , I gave my Double marker sample test on 11 week 5 days and NT did on 12 week 4 days .In double marker test report says low risk but PAPPA value is 0.37 mom . My doc has suggested ecosprin 150 mg till 36 week . Due to sudden loss In my family from covid i moved to my native urgently. .I had one miscarriage at 7 month ago I slipped from stairs (one month age).Is my report ok or do I need to go for NPIT test.please suggest, this test is not available in my native .I am worried

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Hi dear 

I can understand your fears 

your PAAP A values is less . . Less than 0.4 is considered high risk for preeclampsia,fetal growth restricted Baby , low birth weight baby . .so your down s risk is increased consequently . . 1 in 253 ( less than 250 is high risk ) yours is borderline value. . .just to be sure . .  yes , it’s adviced to get a NiPT .  .but let me tell you there are false positive in the first trimester screening. . .let’s hope for the best .. personally even I faced the same situation for my second child. .Be strong  .. 

It would be better if you would want to discuss this in detail please video consult me on :  .