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Asked a question 2 months ago

Hello doc, my baby is 4 months old and completely on breastfeed, being a mother I shouldn't say that but I'm just worried that end of the day I think he is not getting enough milk. I know he is growing his intake will be more and I feel till evening it's fine with the intake of milk after that he sucks frequently and because of that if I press my breast I don't see milk coming. His urine frequency is fine as well as his weight till last last month on his 2nd vaccination and next week 3rd vaccination is there. Please do suggest what should I do to increase my breeast milk, m really worried ūüėü.

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Adequate urine output and weight gain   indicates  adequacy of your feed.Look for other unmet needs of your baby if you find he still seems  irritable.

Anyhow more and more latching  and liberal fluid intake by mother is the key for improved lactation.