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Asked a question 2 years ago

Hello doctor, had a few questions .Firstly, we need to know how to increase the breast milk. Our kid is 2 months old and we have been feeding him formula milk currently.Secondly , was diagnosed with covid at the time of delivery and i am on anticoagulants doea it affect the breast milk if i am taking ecospirin 75mg.Thirdly , what is the ideal quantity of formula milk that we can feed our baby in a single feed for A two month old baby

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One of the sure fire ways to increase breast milk supply is to feed the baby more. If the baby latches properly and sucks well then the lactational hormones are released. Bonding with your baby, spending more time with him without stressing about feeding also helps. 

Ecospirin at a low dose is considered safe during breast feeding.

As for the quantity a baby would feed at 2 months, that's mostly decided by your baby. But a ballpark figure would be roughly around 150 to 170ml.