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Hello Doctor, I'm 9 weeks 5 days pregnant.My nose gets clogged with cold at night and I get cold. There is loud and frequent sneezing and runny nose. Doctor prescribed me 5 tablets of 'cetzine' for 5 day. Feels good after taking tablet then start again at night. Everything is fine during day. Thanks

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Hi Prerana 

stuffy nose is a part of pregnancy journey . . Due to increased vascularity or nlood supply you get congestion  . . 
At home try to Drink plenty of fluids.

Don’t go near nasal irritants, such as cigarette smoke.

Regular, moderate-intensity exercise can reduce congestion. It can also help you sleep better. 

When you go to sleep, raise the head of your bed. For instance, use an extra pillow or a wedge.

If it doesn’t decrease do get a video consult with me so that I can prescribe safe medications. . Do not use over the counter medications please . .

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