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Asked a question 3 months ago

Hello Doctor..I'm worried about my 4 yr old son not eating veggies..he just spits it out everytime I feed him curries or boiled...I'm worries about his nutritional intake and also he will only eat half chapati or puri and says he is there any syrup to increase his appetite?

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Hello Raji,

Good balanced nutrition during growing age is mandatory. There are different ways to feed fruits & vegetables to kids. Try to include different variety of veggies in his diet & put them on plates in a very attractive & innovative way. Moderation of exercise & play is important in this age group. 

To understand his nutrition & get a detailed diet plan for this age kindly visit to your nearest branch of Cloudnine or take a video consultation of any nutritionist through its our baby app.  

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Asked a question 3 months ago
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