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Asked a question 5 months ago

Hello doctor. My 29 week preterm baby boy is starting his 6th month today and weighs approx 4.2kg. He is on DBF and formula (Aptamil Preterm) for 3 and 5 times in a day respectively. Can I start solids for him? Is there any specific routine for preterms in case of feeding solids? What can I give as solids and at what frequency?

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So far there are no specific guidelines for age of initiation of weaning in preterms but a geneeal consensus is  4-6 months of corrected gestational age which means you may add 2 months to the age at which you want to start i.e.6-8months of age in your case.

No difference in frequency and type of complementary food b/w term /preterms.However you must connect to the Nutritionists on Cloidnine app via videoconsultation for detailed overview of weanibg foods.

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Ideally to start solids for pre term baby you should be adding atleast + 2 months to the age of the baby depending on the gestational age i.e. by 6-8 months for your baby.

To start solids you can start with basic milk porridge using rice or ARF. For personalized recipes and proper guidance Kindly contact nutritionist at your nearest branch or you can book video consultation through its our baby app.