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Hello Doctor, my baby is 1.5 months old. Her birth weight was 3.3kg, currently she is 3.64 kg. Giving her formula 3-4 times a day spread out over 24 hrs (around 240-300 ml total formula each day) plus breastfeeding as many times possible. Initially she lost weight, had latching issue, my milk supply was low etc so formula had to be introduced from week 1 itself as suggested by doctor. I am also in regular consultation with lactation at cloudnine to help improve latching. Her 6 week vaccination done last week. Pls confirm approx how much ml milk needed for my baby now and if formula needs to be increased?

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Dear sohini 

Start with breastfeeding for 20 to 30min, then try to express milk from breast and feed the child after that you give formula milk as much baby takes. 

Generally this age child require app 60 to 90ml per feed and he should feed 8 to 10 times in 24 hrs. Avoid bottle feeding. Monitor urine output, it should be atleast 6 times per day