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Hello baby is 6 months old..I am giving her breast milk plus cerelac twice a day ( 3 scoop) morning and evening time..she cries every one hour during sleep(night) closing her eyes, after feeding her for 2-4 min she sleeps......she is a very light sleeper.....

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Hi Dear

Considering the age may be there is increasing requirements of solids for baby. By six months of age, complementary foods become necessary to support growth, satisfy hunger, and supplement energy and nutrient needs. After six months of age, the volume of human milk ingested by exclusively breastfed infants generally becomes insufficient to meet the infant's requirements for energy, protein, iron, zinc, and some fat-soluble vitamins. I would suggest you to increase the complimentary feeding and please contact us so that we may rule out other possibilities.



Dr subandhu Gupta