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Asked a question 5 months ago

Hello doctor, my husband is tested positive for covid 19. Post two days of his isolation even i have lost my smell and i have mucus also. Rest everything is fine as i dont have any fever or anything, but have lost my sense of smell. Due to high number of cases in our area, private labs are not doing covid testings now, and government hospitals are packed with long queues, and its risky to go there. And i have not felt any baby movement, since last night. Is this normal? As i am feeling a bit scared.

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Hi Kratika 

I can understand your situation and I am sorry for that . How may weeks are you pregnant ? 

If the baby is not moving , definitely you have to have check up to know whether the baby is doing well or not . Keep yourself calm and try to feel whether baby is moving or not ..if baby is moving then ok . Keep a kick count chart . If not moving pls go to your hospital emergency department . Inform your doctor as you are having loss of smell so that they will take proper precautions while examining you .