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Asked a question 4 months ago

Hello doctor, would there be a weight loss seen in babies once starting solids?My baby is a 29 week pretem. he is 6months old now. Before starting solids he was 5kg, we started with banana and his weight has reduced to 4.8kg now. We are continuing with solids for 1 time a day. He used to take 6-7(160-170ml/feed) feeds a day before solids and now it has reduced to hardly 4 times a day (140ml/feed). Please advise as I am worried as he is preterm and we saw weight loss.

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Hi Lavanya..

Being a extreme preterm, this weight loss pattern is a concern. Even though u have started solids, his milk intake should not be reducing.. 4 times a day is less.. you can continue the solids. But make sure his milk intake is also good, as his previous volume. Try this for a couple of day and monitor his urine and stool output.. if he is still not feeding well, I won't recommend a consultation with ur Pediatrician