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Asked a question 26 days ago

Hello Dr. We used to visit Cloudnine Whitefield for consultation nad vaccination. We have given birth and 6week vaccination at Whitefield branch but recently we came to hometown and in 10week vaccination our baby did not get pneumococcal2 as this is not available here. Please suggest can we give this seperatly on 14week or before or do we have any option to merge pneumococcal2 and pneumococcal3 later. I have attached immunization schedule. Please suggest for this missing vaccination.

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Hi Manvik,

    As per IAP recommendation ,the pneumococcal vaccination schedule needs to be completed anytime before the child turns 6 months old. In your baby's case the second dose maybe given with 14 week vaccination and the third pneumococcal maybe given separately onr month later. Take care and happy parenting!