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Asked a question 4 months ago

Hello Gynac, 3.5 months post c section. Periods started 4 days back, initially less, last 2 days flow increased 1 pad every 2-3 hrs. Bit of cramps on lower abdomen with some body chill happens only around afternoon times. Feeling little low health-wise than a week before. Last week my doctor checked stitch from outside looks healed and uterus contracted. She suggested a pelvis scan after bleeding stops to confirm inside. I have a big fibroid on anterior wall, just fyi. Is it just periods after a year hence the weakness or what other things possible? This will gimme clarity that's all. Attached discharge colour for reference.

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Hello Sohini 

as you have mentioned that the colour of the bleed is brownish and is intermittent and also heavy, you might need a scan to confirm what is causing the bleed. Is it just the period vleed or due to fibroid. our obg specialist will respond to this query soon 
you can have a video consult with our specialist to discuss this in detai, book an appointment at