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Asked a question last year

Hello Gynac, 3 months post c section. First 2 months bleeding was there, it stopped, 3 days back started again light brown bleeding (normal periods smell no different smell as such) with cramps on lower abdomen especially afternoon time, bit of body chills since 2 days. The stitch edges also pain a bit since a week. I consulted my gynac last week, she examined uterus contracted and stich healed from outside. Suggested meftas spas for cramps, wearing belt. Are these cramps pain , chills only bcos uterus contracting & body muscles going back to original shape? What are the chances of internal infection after 3 months and will a pelvis scan conclude if there is any internal infection? Attached pic of flow in 3 hrs time, pls note colour. Is it normal periods or something else?

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Hello Sohini 

our gynaecologist will share their opinion on this query soon.