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Asked a question 14 days ago

Hello , I am 6 weeks pregnant and having high acidity issues. Can I prefer icecreams, cold drinks like fruity or hajmolas??

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in case of acid reflux symptoms try to avoid spicy  ( masala) and oily food, drink water, fresh fruit juice, milk . 


Acidity or burning sensation can be because of many reasons one of it is because of improper meal timings, not chewing the food properly, including more starchy vegetables in diet. 

You can try having small and frequent meals, proper meal timings, drink soaked fenugreek, fennel or ajwain water sips of it throughout the day and avoid triggering foods like masala, greasy foods, coconuts or green chillies. Ice cream, hajmolas, aerated drinks are acute remedy and its not  advisable. 

Do take up a Nutrition consultation for a personalized diet chart to know foods to be included and avoided during pregnancy and improve to the appetite. 

Link for the consultation: