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Asked a question 2 years ago

Hello...I'm 21 weeks pregnent with twins. I was doing some standing work like cooking and washing dishes etc. I was able to stand 50-60 mins without any problem. But suddenly from 2 days, I feel back pain after standing 20-25 mins. I feel sever back pain sometimes after standing more than that. Then I don't have any other option without lying down on bed. I have to do some kitchen work in the afternoon because my husband is busy in working his office at that time and we don't have anyone else at home for help as of now. If I lay down, back pain does not reduce before 1 hour. Please suggest something. Should I stop working now and take only bed rest? On my last visit with my Dr. She said that I can do standing work if I feel good, so I was doing. But now I' m confused what to do. Earlier I was also walking 2 times a day but now I feel tired after walking also. Please suggest.

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Hi Manisha. You can use a foot stool while doing work in standing position. Standing for long time should be avoided. Walking is a good exercise. But if you feel tired then you can reduce the timing. Doing safe preganacy exercises will help you to reduce back pain. Please visit a physiotherapist at your cloudnine unit for tailored exercise program.Β