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Asked a question 2 years ago

Hello...I'm 26 weeks pregnent with twins....I've Gestational Daibetes. Dr. Advised me to measure my blood sugar levels at home. Before food sugar is normal but after 1 hrs sugar is sometimes 150 but sometimes crossing 140-150 and reach 160-170. So pls suggest which fruits I can consume because I've already not having many fruits due to diabetes eg. Banana, water melon, mango, custurd apple, strawberry, grapes etc. But I'm having tender coconut water daily(at 11 am), and orange(at 12am) also. Is it fine? Or suggest me any fruit to take in this condition. No medicine for GB is started yet. I'm only on diet control as per Dr.'s Suggestion as she will decide for mrdicine in my next visit.

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Hi  Manisha , 

Kindly follow a balanced diet with no sugar and simple carbohydrate. In fruits you can consume orange, sweetlime kiwi,apple .try to avoid or limit consumption of coconut water.


For detailed and personalised diet plan , kindly book an appoitment with our nutritionists