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Asked a question 10 months ago

Hello.. I would like to get some advice for my baby's sleep pattern or routine. He is 5months 5days old & is having a v v disturbed sleep pattern be it in the day Or night time, hardly sleeping. He is exclusively on breastfeeding & wants to continously suck on if his sleep breaks. Can you plz suggest how to improve or make him sleep peacefully. TIA.

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Hello Ria, 

If your baby is gaining adequate weight since birth and has no feeding difficulties along with wetting nappies 6-8times over 24 hour period  ,change in sleep cycle and duration shall not bother you.

But please ensure if your baby  is being fed adequately with   Hind milk which is fat rich and handles baby's  hunger .As sometimes babies are hungry because they  are mostly getting  foremilk which has high water content. always try to  Keep the room temp and clothing is comfortable. Swaddling can be tried for night sleep for some hours .Yes rocking /cradle the baby is all what works sometimes. better to consult your pediatrician once if the issue gets troublesome,  if baby gets too irrittable, so that the cause can be ruled out.