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Asked a question 3 years ago

Hello, My baby is 17 days old and I’m trying to exclusively breastfeed her. Even with 40-45 min of breastfeed she is not satisfied and asks for more milk. But I end up having sore nipples with such long durations of breast feeding. Also, I’m producing less milk (checked with pumping-40 ml with 30 min of pumping). My baby needs 90 ml of milk per feed. Is it okay to give more than 30 ml of formula milk with every feed?

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Pumping to check your milk production is not the correct or ideal way to know how much you are making. The type of breastpump, technique of pumping, frequency of pumping can all make a difference. 

If you are bottle feeding the formula that could be one reason that you are having sore nipples and are not producing as much as your baby needs. 

If you give more than 30ml formula per feed you will be predominantly formula feeding with hardly any Breastfeeding

I would recommend you to see a Lactation Consultant at your nearest Cloudnine Hospital to check the baby's latch and assess your milk supply and need of providing formula. If required supplements can be provided to boost the milk supply.