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Asked a question 4 months ago

Hello my baby is 4 plus months. Her birth weight was 3.57 and her current weight is 5.5 . Doctor has advised to start with *Neopeptine* Shall I start with this medicine in order to increase her weight? And also is weight a concern? Or if she is underweight? She is active baby, passing green stool from past 1 week. She has good sleep patern as well. Pls advise

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Hi Tanya

Your baby’s weight gain isn’t ideal, it’s slow. The doctor would have felt that your baby might be suffering from colic hence probably prescribed the Neopeptine. Please do go ahead if prescribed. 

Weight is a concern because at this stage babies should be gaining weight and taking in all nutrients for good brain growth and of course for overall health. So it does need to be addressed.