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Asked a question 3 months ago

Hello, my baby is not latch properly. My Doctor suggest to me start Bottal feeding, but i'm bit unsure about my baby nutrients. Please suggest what I do?

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Hi, I too had this issue when my baby was very small. I tried to feed everytime before giving formula milk to my baby.You8 should feed the baby, so while you build up your breastmilk supply, using a very small amount of formula after a feed is a good way to help.It6 is very important to offer the small amount of formula after the breastmilk, so that your supply does not decrease even more. I too was worried about nutrient  so My doctor suggested me to start Aptamil Gold formula. With immuno nutrients & probiotics that helps support his immunity. It also contains the highest DHA for his brain development. It works for us so well but better to Consult your pediatric once before giving to your baby.

Is there baby’s weight loss? Consult our lactation experts for proper guidance of breastfeeding and if still it doesn't help,  please follow your pediatrician’s advice.