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Asked a question 2 months ago

Hello there, My wife is 22 weeks pregnant and currently we are in the UK, however we have decided to get the baby delivered in India and therefore we will be travelling back when she will be around 28 weeks pregnant. Can you please advise if it is safe to take flight during that time of pregnancy and what all precautions should we take while travelling (Do's and Dont's)? Also we would like to see a doctor (preferably Dr Pratibha Singhal) once we arrive there, therefore please advise how can we take this forward like booking appointments, delivery packages, etc.

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Thank you for reaching us. Please ensure to carry travel allowed prescription from your Healthcare provider in the UK. Your wife would need a fit to fly certificate from the current doctor. If travel is permitted, then we request you to Book a video consult with Dr. Pratibha Singhal to keep her informed. Kindly share your details with us at moms@cloudninecare.com6 to help you connect with Cloudnine Customer Relationship Expert in your city.

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