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Asked a question 2 months ago

Hi afternoon, my baby is five nd half month now, I'm not producing enough bm my doctor have suggested to start with solid she asked me to start with raagi malt... Shall I start? If yes how to give it...?

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Hey, if your doctor suggested to you start solid then you start,but start with sami-solid,like daal -pani, cerelac, massed potato and banana etc. Raagi is good but don't start with this. You can try to give breastfeeding along with them. If your production is low you can start Formula milk along with semi solid foods. But make sure to select formula that has Prebiotic and  HMOs component. I would suggest you to use Aptamil Gold Stage 1 because  your baby is below 6 months of age. It boosts brain development and improves digestion. But consult yor  doctor  before introducing it.

Hi Veena ,

You can start giving ragi with homemade flour.

If sprouted ragi flour cannot be made, soaking the grains overnight and then drying, roasting and powdering them is also fine.

Follow the 3 day wait rule. When you introduce ragi, do not introduce any other new food for the next 3 to 4 days. This helps to analyse well whether it is suitable to your baby or not.

If you find any rashes, indigestion, consistent hiccups, restlessness, colic or diarrhea stop the porridge immediately and seek doctor’s help.