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Asked a question last year

Hi Doctor, I am 2nd trimmester right now. Need help to understand which fruits i should avoid to eat. Is that grapes save to eat? Avoid list : papaya & pineapple any other?

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Hi Anubha,

Grapes are safe to eat during pregnancy. Only avoid in case of GDM. Eat in moderation. All the fruits and vegetables are safe to eat in moderation, until unless there is any high risk concern. 


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Hello anubha 

All types of fruits n veggies are beneficial in pregnancy . Grapes too are rich in vitamin c , a and antioxidants . But unwashed and unclean grapes have a high load of pesticides in them . So please ensure they are clean ( eg -use salt water to soak n clean them ) before consumption. 
Remember moderation is the key . So consume all types of fruits and vegetables (unless you are  diabetic) but in small portions .