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Asked a question 15 days ago

Hi doctor. I’m nervous about the pain involved in a labour. Will an epidural last throughout the labour? Do you need pain at the end stage to push? Can we do it with the epidural?

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Yes, epidural stays and we can top up the medication as required throughout the labour and also for postpartum pain relief.

The advantages of getting epidural analgesia during labor and childbirth include:

  • They are usually very effective in minimizing pain felt during labor and delivery.
  • They are generally very safe.
  • You can often still move around in your bed and push when you need to push (your doctor will advice you when to push and even you can understand the tightness around the time ) 
  • If you’re experiencing prolonged labor, having an epidural helps you to sleep and recover your strength.
  • If you're undergoing a cesarean birth (C-section), you can stay awake during the birth, and your partner can be there as well.
  • You can usually get an epidural at any time during your labor.